Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why Lysol Saves Lives…And Sanity

While talking to the teller at the bank the other day my son did what I have harped on him NOT to do so many times in the past. DON’T PUT YOUR MOUTH ON THINGS!! Yet he continues to do it as if the entire world was a gingerbread house just waiting to be tasted. It makes me sick. Truly. When he was about 2 he found something in a Burger King Play Land in the area with all of the plastic balls and before I could run the length of the room to stop him, he’d consumed it. I was stricken by both horror and nausea simultaneously as the thought of eating a 2 year old piece of candy or used Band-Aid filled my head. I shrieked, like most new young mothers would do, picked him up, demanded he open his mouth…just in case, and gagged some more. We then went home.

I read recently that only about 1 percent of germs can be harmful, but knowing my luck that will be the 1 percent that my lovely son decides to lick off the cashiers counter at the gas station. I am not a “germophobe” but some things are just beyond disgusting. My son, now 5, STILL wants to put everything in his mouth, I get a little irritated. It’s getting to the point where I am going to have to be forced to carry a container of Lysol Wipes on my person and wipe down every surface that my son even casts a glance at. I visited the Lysol website and where they talk about the 10 Dirtiest Sites in the Home, felt myself on the verge of panic as I’m sure my son has kissed 7 out of 10 of those. You would think he’d get sick of listening to me shriek, but no. (The other 3 he can’t reach)

Lysol Wipes have become a regular item on the grocery list. As I’m writing this now I just know my little messy terror is wiping away the toothpaste he somehow managed to get on the back of the toilet, the walls, and the table near the sink. One Lysol Wipe has the cleaning and disinfecting power to put my mind at ease….Unless he decides to taste the old toothpaste first, he should be ok.

With so many Lysol products available on the market and online a true “germophobe” can have as much piece of mind as needed. The Neutra Air Freshmatic Sprays and Sanitizing Sprays kill bacteria in the air and keep the air fresher. Lysol All Purpose Cleaners are great on almost every surface imaginable. With disinfectants for everything from floors up, I foresee myself purchasing a lot more Lysol in my future as I continue to live my days one “GET THAT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!!” and several Lysol Wipes at a time.

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