Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10 Quick and Easy Stain Removal Tips

1. Hydrogen peroxide is great for removing all kinds of stains; blood particularly. Mix equal parts water and hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and stains are history.

2. Ink stains are easily removed with hairspray. You can use this on everything from walls to leather.

3. A teaspoon of ammonia with a half a cup of warm water works great for getting rid of tomato based stains.

4. Soak a lipstick stain in milk for 30 minutes before laundering the item or garment.

5. Cut a lemon in half to and rub it on a mold or mildew stain before setting it outside in the sunshine. This method also works for rust stains.

6. Spray a light coat of WD-40 on a grease stain and let it sit a few minutes before washing.

7. For sap on clothing, rub the sticky stain with isopropyl alcohol and it will disappear.

8. WD-40 works well in removing adhesive residue.

9. Club Soda or Sprite work very well in removing different types of carpet stains.

10. Rub a potato on dirt stains on clothing and let it sit overnight. Launder the garment in the morning.

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  1. Removing stains is more than cleaning and it also keeps your family safe from sickness. Some people are usually having a hard time removing them, especially on carpets. Blotting the stain out, however, is your only option because rubbing will just worsen it.