Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It would have been nice if someone had told me that the house flies in Spokane are the size of golf carts…well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but still! It would have been nice to know before I was ambushed in the kitchen tonight by two of them. (Ok, well “ambushed” might also be a bit of an exaggeration as well.) They flew dizzying circles around me just out of my reach and would occasionally dive down like they were gunning for me! My husband said I looked pretty “cute” (which basically means it was cute for him, but really to anybody else who might be walking by: I looked ridiculous) as I leapt in the air with a little yellow piece of cardboard in a very “threatening” manor. Sigh. I hate flies.

So, here’s what I learned today and tomorrow I will be doing something about these HUGE flies.
Take a Ziploc bag and put water in it, about halfway full and hang it over doors and entry ways. Not sure why it works, but I hear it works well. I guess the light reflecting off the water confuses them and they’ll leave!! I’m so excited to try this!

Place Lavender in the windows to repel flies, they hate the smell.

Plant marigolds, basil, and mint in the garden to keep flies away from the house.

Pine boughs, orange peels, and cloves are also said to be good repellents.

Make sure the trash is taken out regularly! Flies are attracted to it. Keep the trash can away from the house so they don’t get tempted while scavenging for a snack to invite themselves in.

Ok…so here’s MY question; how can something that literally eats crap be so picky about smells? Oh well, if it works it works, I won’t complain!

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