Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10 Quick and Easy Laundry Tips

1. Treat sweat stains with white vinegar before washing.

2. Place aluminum foil under the ironing board cover to optimize your ironing.

3. Add coffee to the rinse water in the washing machine to make faded black clothes darker.

4. Run the washing machine with only vinegar using hot water to clean it periodically.

5. With new dark clothes, wash them in cold water with salt. This will help them to retain their color.

6. If colors bled in the wash, rewash them with color safe bleach before drying them.

7. Put a tennis ball in the dryer to help fluff clothes.

8. Rub sunscreen on a whiteout stain until it is gone before washing.

9. Use shampoo on soiled shirt collars before washing.

10. For clothes with glitter, spray the glitter with hairspray and turn the shirt inside out before washing.

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