Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why Heinz Vinegar is Important for Coffeeholics

The coffee was bad, very bad. I can’t blame Maxwell House or my Hamilton Beach Brew Station. Nope, just me and my own laziness for not cleaning it out for awhile. The Brew Station keeps coffee fresher longer than regular coffee pots so I have a tendency to keep coffee in it longer and more often. Eventually I’m going to try all of these recommendations for uses of vinegar, but one thing at a time. Today was one of many to come. I filled the part where the water goes on the Brew Station with Vinegar and turned it on. I really did figure that my kitchen was going to smell a lot worse. The vinegar smell wasn’t overwhelming. I ran the vinegar through once and plain water through it twice. I also took out the basket that the grounds go in and washed it thoroughly with soapy water. No more bad coffee. I have also heard that if you start the coffee pot and then turn it off, the vinegar can sit in the internal workings of the coffee pot and clean it more thoroughly. Maybe next time for me, this seemed to work just fine. Another concern of mine was that my first cup of coffee in my newly clean pot would taste like vinegar and that didn’t happen either. I’ll be doing this on a more routine basis.

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