Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mayonnaise & Heinz Vinegar for Dusting?

Turns out that a fabric softener sheet makes a pretty descent substitute for the Pledge wipes I purchased. I’ve been doing some looking around and I found some pretty helpful tips to aid me in my battle against dust. So allow me to share:

Brush Your Pets Regularly:
Hmm. My cat sits next to me all day everyday while I’m writing. Investing in a cat brush is probably a wise purchase for me. This would also help to cut back on some of my vacuuming.

Less is More:
I’m one of those people who in the past have literally saturated my wood furniture thinking to myself, “Well THAT'LL teach that dust a lesson!” Ok, so apparently this was the wrong attitude. Ooops. No wonder the furniture got cloudy looking. It’s actually the elbow grease that you put into it and not the amount of polish.

Removing Excess Polish:
The key to this is mineral spirits aka baby oil. Wipe your furniture clean from a previous furniture polish bombardment with baby oil and it will turn your polish induced zeal cloud into something nice again.

Getting Rid of Water Marks:

I have yet to try this, but I find myself hoping I’ll end up with a water mark on my furniture so that I can.
Rub mayonnaise onto a water mark with a clean cloth and leave it overnight. Repeat in the morning and TADA! No more mark! I’m so curious…has anyone tried this?

Homemade Furniture Polish: 

¼ Heinz vinegar and a cup of olive oil mixed and shaken make great furniture polish. I used this to get glass rings out of my coffee tables. This is an extremely eco-friendly and cost effective way to maintain your wood furniture. I still like the smell of Old English or Pledge better though!

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