Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10 Quick and Easy Dusting Tips

1. Use a banana peel to dust plants. It nourishes the leaves and takes away the dust at the same time.

2. Put a sock on your hand to dust the slats of blinds.

3. Mix equal parts vinegar and olive oil to remove rings on wood furniture. Dab a cloth into the mixture and rub with the grain of the wood.

4. To remove water marks on wood furniture, rub mayonnaise into the spot and leave it overnight. Wipe away the excess in the morning.

5. Swiffer Dusters are great for dusting the computer. It gets all of the dust off the keyboard without having to press any of the keys. Pipe cleaners are also helpful.

6. Use a dryer sheet to dust the television screen.

7. Make your own dusting cloths by using old cloths and dipping them in a mix of one cup lemon oil and 2 cups of hot water. Let them air dry and you now have something comparable to the Pledge Wipes you could buy at the store.

8. Keep a brown crayon handy to fill in noticeable scratches in wood furniture.

9. Vacuum upholstery often. Dust hides there.

10. Don’t forget ceiling fans! Dust that settled up there when you weren’t using it will fly all over the room as soon as you turn it on.

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