Tuesday, May 12, 2009

WD-40 Myth Debunked

I previously posted about the many amazing uses for WD-40. I was so amazed by the ideas that I found that I decided to test one of the theories myself. I like to try to put on my makeup while my husband is in the shower, but the ventilation in our bathroom isn’t the greatest and yet even though common sense tells me to wait and do it later or do it in a different room, I still don’t listen. I like the conversation, so I put on a little foundation, wipe the mirror, put on a little more, wipe the mirror and so forth.

The idea that WD-40 could prevent the mirror from fogging up was too good to be true. Literally. About 15 minutes before the shower was turned on I Spray the mirror down and rubbed it in with a cloth. I was all set. (Or so I thought.) The mirror not only fogged up, but was a big smudgy mess (Is “smudgy” even a word?) Anyways, we tested the mirror theory every different way possible by using a small hand held mirror and a pot of boiling water. We tried putting it on before the steam and after. We tried rubbing it in and simply spraying it on. All with the same result: a messed up mirror.

After my WD-40 blunder, my mirror looked awful so I went to the kitchen and grabbed the paper towels and the vinegar. The vinegar took it off immediately. Now my mirror is amazingly clean. So clean that now I can see every little detail when I’m doing my makeup…like every little blemish in great detail…Maybe the WD-40 wasn’t so bad after all.

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