Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Febreze: The Holy Grail Of My Cleaning Supplies Cabinet

I love Febreze. In my house Febreze is the Holy Grail for fixing odd smells. And between a large fluffy cat and a five year old son I frequently run into things that make my nose cringe. After doing some research for an article I wrote on how to remove cat fur off furniture I discovered yet another use for my favorite “change the scent of whatever went wrong” liquid in a bottle and that’s cleaning up loose fur! Another excuse to Febreeze everything I own? I’m all over that.

I’m going to say this and no one will ever believe it unless they actually get the pleasure (I say pleasure, but my husband might disagree) of meeting Sassanach. Sassanach loses enough fur in a day to make three or four new cats with. Cat fur is a constant battle for me…or it was anyway.

So here’s how it works; Spray Febreze all over the area that has fur on it (carpets, furniture, drapes, etc) Use a rubber glove and make circular motions on the surface and the fur will actually come up in your hand. I used a latex glove because it was all I had handy and my husband used his bare hands and that worked too. I couldn’t believe it. For tougher spots we enlisted the help of her cat brush and that also worked wonders. You need to spray enough Febreze to lightly soak the area, one area at a time. Did I mention how great my carpet smelled afterwards?

Febreze has so many new scents lately. I keep a can of the Febreze Air Effects (Spring & Renewal) in the car and the original scent in the house. The Febreze NOTICEables has made Sassanach’s litter box area a virtual flower garden and if my son keeps getting tracking in dirt and whatever else he’s tracked into his room his room is going to be a flower garden too. Thank you Febreze!

Oh! I noticed the Febreze site offers coupons! You can get $30 worth of savings on not only Febreze, but Dawn and Mr. Clean as well. Definitely worth looking into.

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