Monday, May 11, 2009

Eliminating Kitchen Odors

Most problem smells have a tendency to originate in the kitchen…(Unless of course if you have kids or pets..) Here are a few helpful tips to keep kitchen odors at bay.

Plastic containers are porous and tend to collects smells of food past and not let go..Put a crumpled up piece of newspaper in it and close the lid. Check on it daily and replace the newspaper if necessary. It should be fine by the next day.

If one of your cupboards has become damp and smells less than fresh, set a shallow box with kitty litter in it to absorb the smell. …Just don’t let the cat find it or you have worse odor problems!

Set a box of baking soda in the refrigerator and discard after 30 days. Arm and Hammer Baking Soda makes these handy boxes with removable front and back panels so air can flow through. I got mine for about .79 at Walmart.

If the freezer develops that stale smell remove all of the food and defrost it. Wipe it out after all of the ice is removed with baking soda and water. Place a cut up onion in a bowl and leave it to sit overnight. When you take out the onion, it may even help to leave the freezer door open for awhile to air out before turning it back on.

Line the crisper drawers with newspaper to absorb any odors.

Boil a lemon in water on the stove. The steam is great for neutralizing unpleasant smells like fish.

Put a piece of charcoal in the water of your flower vase to keep the water from getting that stale smell.

Put a piece of white bread that has been soaked in vinegar overnight into a frequently used lunch box and leave it overnight.

If cutting up garlic leaves your hands smelling funny, squeeze lemon juice onto them with a little table salt and rub them together to eliminate the odor.

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