Monday, May 11, 2009

How to Get Rid of that Fish Smell

I had read that cutting up a lemon and boiling it in water on the stove is supposed to neutralize the fishy smell after cooking fish, so I decided to put it to the test. Albertsons had a sale on halibut for 7.99 a pound and I simply couldn’t pass that up! It was wonderful, but the smell afterwards wasn’t. I immediately remembered that I had wanted to test this theory and you know what?

It didn’t work.

And after my husband lit the vanilla scented candle on the table, the whole house smelled like lemony vanilla fish.

So, basically I don’t recommend it…or the vanilla candle.

Here are some suggestions that may actually work and I will be trying next time I am brave enough to make fish in a small house (or Albertsons has another amazing seafood sale).

· Wiping down the kitchen with lavender oil.

· Sprinkle cinnamon and sugar with a little bit of butter on a foil lined cookie sheet and put it in the oven. Set the oven for 250 and leave it for an hour. (I like this idea!)

· Little green air freshener trees? Really? Someone let me know about this one, I just can’t see me hanging these all over the kitchen or house.

· An open container of vinegar or a dish of baking soda will absorb the odor.

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