Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I can’t stand ants. They get into everything and you never find just one ant; where there’s one ant, there’s a thousand more you haven’t seen yet. I have been fighting ants for years in all parts of the country. I remember being a teenager and attacking ants with household cleaners in the house I was babysitting at. I don’t recommend this, it only killed a few, but I felt the need to spray them with something. Instead, I now have some tips that will actually work, (because Windex doesn’t).

· Sprinkle aspartame around areas where ants like to hang out, they don’t care for the stuff and it will keep them away.

· Sprinkle polenta or semolina around the outside of your house or in your garden. Apparently they can’t digest it and when they take it back to their nest and share, it wipes them all out.

· Curry powder or cayenne pepper is another flavor they don’t seem to care for. Sprinkle this around your plants to keep ants out of them.

· Molasses, yeast, and sugar combined and dropped into little containers or bottle caps to set around your garden will keep them from coming back. Sugar draws them in, molasses makes them stay, and yeast kills them.

· Mix a cup of warm water with 2 tablespoons of borax, and a half cup of sugar. Dip cotton balls into it and set them in areas where ants like to cause problems. Borax is a great natural ant remedy.

· Cloves are another terrific ant deterrent. Set them in areas where ants are coming in from.

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