Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dust: The NeverEnding Battle

The sun is actually shining through the windows this morning. I believe it is the first time I have seen the sun since I moved to Spokane. (And if you consider that I moved from the Seattle area, I guess it’s been a really long time since I’ve seen the sun.) I stand outside, contemplate sunglasses as my eyes aren’t use to that kind of brightness, and admire how beautiful it is…And then I go in the house…and realize just how much dust has been right there under my nose this whole time. Gathering in mass numbers forming a blanket over every piece of furniture I have as if to mock me. Suddenly I wish it was cloudy again. I hate dust. It actually makes my hands itch. I don’t know if this is an allergy per se, but it does make dust that much more detestable to me.

Ok, so know that I’ve seen it, I can’t just leave it there it will drive me crazy. It may not have been so bad before I knew exactly what dust was…Dust is disgusting! Skin particles and disgusting little microfibers…dead skin flakes! I don’t have much furniture so this isn’t an all day event at least. I had chosen several methods to curb my zeal in the cleaning aisle in the store. One was the Pledge Wipes (In a lovely lemon scent) and the other was the Swiffer Duster. Armed with my “arsenal” I was prepared to tackle the dust (and polish) in record time. Here’s what I discovered:

Pledge Wipes are ok for a brief surface clean to remove the vile dust. From the time I opened the re-sealable pouch that they come in, they felt quite dry. I couldn’t say that they were necessarily the best at removing dust or even polishing. It was kind of like wiping a dry cloth over things. Most of the dust came up, but the furniture didn’t look at all polished. In the future I’ll stick with the traditional spray can of furniture polish even if for some reason the nozzle always malfunctions and leaves my hands smelling lemony fresh for a week. It’s worth it; yes, I hate dust that much.

If you’re looking for quick easy and effective however, the Swiffer Duster is awesome. Use this on your computer and keyboard and it lifts the dust right up! No harmful chemicals, so messy sprays, it’s great I really must say. My laptop looks like new (well almost) and my screen is a lot clearer now. This is definitely a worthwhile purchase.

So, while I was dusting I noticed something else (one thing always seems to lead to another): A ring on the end table cleverly hidden UNDER the coaster. I had read something the other day and had been a little curious as to whether it would work or not so I put it to the test. I mixed olive oil and vinegar in a bowl and wiped it on the table. It took about a minute and poof! No more ring! Just like that. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t smell the best, vinegar never does, but the smell dissipates and I now have a ring free end table.

With dust and rings gone for the moment, it frees up my time to do something else….hmmm….I think I’ll go outside.

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