Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to Clean Shower Curtains

You wouldn’t think that a shower curtain could get so dirty, considering the only thing they really encounter is soap and water. Since most of the time shower curtains don’t get to thoroughly dry, they develop that mildew smell that no one likes. If you’re worried this is going to be a lengthy chore, you’re in luck. This is a piece of cake.

Take the shower curtain down and remove the little hooks.

Wash it in the washing machine. If it’s cloth, check the directions on the tag. If it’s plastic, use warm water and throw in a towel. The towel will rub up against it in the washing machine and help get it clean.

Add a cup of chlorine bleach to the wash for plastic shower curtains. This will help get rid of any mold. If your shower curtain is fabric, use a color safe bleach so as not to mess up any of the colors.

When the washer stops, take the shower curtain out and hang it back up to air dry.

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