Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cleaning a FIberglass Bathtub

Isn’t funny that the place where we go to get clean can get so dirty? Over time, residual dirt, loose hair, hard water stains, and other debris can make your tub look filthy. No doubt this chore sucks, so gather the things you need and get it over with!

  • Start by rinsing the tub out. Take a paper towel and wipe away loose hair from the drain. Gross, I know, but it has to be done.

  • Choose your cleaner and get to scrubbing. Comet and other bathroom cleansers are good for this. If you don’t have any of those handy, you can use dish or laundry detergent.

  • Once your done scrubbing, turn on the water and rinse the soap away. Look for places you missed.

  • Spot clean areas with white vinegar. Vinegar is great on rust and hard water stains.

  • If your shower head is gross, unscrew it and soak it in vinegar. This will eat away the hard water build up. You’d be surprised how much better the water will flow after the shower head is clean.

  • Wipe the tub dry or use a squeegee if you want the tub to shine when you’re done    

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