Saturday, December 29, 2012

How to Clean Grease off Cabinets

It’s difficult to cook without grease going everywhere. Trust me, I know. Grease settles onto whatever surface it can find, leaving a sticky mess as it builds up over time. Add in some dirt and dust and before you know it, your cabinets are filthy. Buh. Though gross, and not really much fun, cleaning them up is easy. Just pick the method that is easiest and go!

White Vinegar:

Soak a cloth in vinegar and wipe it all over the grease. It should cut through some of it, but not all depending on how thick it is. Soak the grease with the vinegar either by sopping it onto the cabinets or with the aide of spray bottle and keep the area damp for about 10 minutes. It should wipe up easily after that.

Dish Soap:

Some dish soaps say specifically that they are meant for cutting grease. Those are the ones that will be helpful in this case. Mix the dish soap in with some hot water and wipe it all over the yucky cabinets. Let it sit for a few minutes and resume scrubbing. Rinse the cabinets of with warm water on a sponge or dishrag and wipe them dry.

Baking Soda or Borax:

Both of these are gentle abrasives. Sprinkle them onto a damp sponge and get to scrubbing.

Lime and Club Soda:

Sounds like a drink doesn’t it? Mix them equally and wipe up light grease spatters. Rinse the area when you’re done to prevent the Club Soda from leaving behind it’s own stickiness.

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