Saturday, April 16, 2011

For Those Unsightly Yet Inevitable Grease Spatters

I have a friend who could cook an entire five course meal and walk out of her kitchen in twenty minutes or less leaving it looking like she was never there to begin with. I, am nothing like my dear friend. I can walk into my kitchen it contemplate cooking and it seems to magically become dirty at the very thought. Tonight for example, I really thought I had done a pretty good job at cleaning the kitchen after dinner only to come in later and notice that my walls are now sporting some pretty unsightly grease splatters. Go figure.

So, I guess it’s time to take all that knowledge of cleaning and actually put it to some good use. For those of you who share my grease stained wall dilemma, allow me to take a moment to share.

Grease is easily removed with a number of things that might already be in your kitchen. Lemons and white vinegar are both just acidic enough to cut through grease buildup.

Baking soda makes a great paste and deodorizes as well.

Dish soap is a given, I suppose, but I must say that the grease cutting variety works a whole lot better.

There are also a ridiculous number of products you can buy at the store that boast “all purpose” and “multi surface”. Be careful with these. Some of them may be a little harsher than your walls or paint can handle. Always test it out in an indiscrete place first….Indiscrete does not mean the middle of your wall….this is a bad idea and you may hate yourself later for it.

Ok…so now that we’re all versed on getting rid of the nasty greasy buildup from the walls, I’m going to march into that kitchen as soon as I’m done writing, grab a bottle of water, stare in disgust at that grease…..and clean it up tomorrow.

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